luxury vegan candles that don't cost the earth

statement scents handmade in surrey

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scents to make a scene

Highly concentrated, long-lasting scents that fill a room.

Each scent is a unique blend of natural essential oils and premium fragrances unlike any other.

longer lasting natural wax

Made with a custom blend of soy and coconut wax and paper wicks to give you a longer, cleaner burn.

Unlike dirty paraffin waxes, natural wax burns slower at a lower temperature making it last longer.

luxury that doesn't cost the earth

Sustainable, vegan candles with plastic-free packaging at an affordable price.
Always planet and purse friendly.

our story

I'm Jess, dog lover, tea drinker, and long-term candle addict. I started making candles as a hobby and discovered a passion for blending fragrances. I make candles to compliment modern life, where our homes are working overtime as a chill-out zone, work area, playroom, romantic dinner spot, or exercise space.

To me, fragrance blends are similar to food recipes - you need the right balance of flavours to bring out the best in each other. Tabor candles have a custom blend of 8 different oils and I use the maximum fragrance to wax ratio so the scent will fill your room fast. These are candles that are made to be burned, not left to gather dust on a shelf. Life's short, so I believe we should enjoy the little things and treat ourselves often!

Nowadays, we're all spending more time at home than ever, blurring the lines between work, rest, play and study. Among the chaos, a beautiful smelling candle can elevate your home date nights, lazy afternoons, self-care rituals, and everything in between.

Always 100% vegan, affordable, and planet-friendly.