candle care

Look after your candles for a cleaner, longer burn.
These are our best burning tips for happy wicks...

  • don't rock the boat

    Sounds obvious, but don't burn your candle on top of your washing machine on the spin cycle (or anything else that moves) and don't move it while it's burning.

  • keep it clean

    Between burns, you can keep your candle clean and fresh by keeping the cork lid on. Make sure the candle has fully cooled before you put the lid on so you don't burn it.

  • for adults only

    A gently flickering flame is too tempting for dogs/cats/kids to resist. Avoid risks and keep it out of reach and off the floor where little hands (or paws) can get to it.

  • first impressions count

    Burn for 2+ hours so the wax melts right to the jar edges on the first burn.

    Your candle has a memory and will always remember its very first burn. It will only ever burn to the point it was when it's put out the first time. If you put it out too soon, it can result in the wax forming a tunnel, wasting the wax at the edges.

  • (wick) size matters

    Trim the wick to 5mm before each burn to make your candle last longer.

    If your candle wick is too long, it makes the flame bigger so it will burn faster than it should. A big wick also curls in on itself (known as 'mushrooming') and this can make the flame flicker and soot, so keep it nice and short between burns.

  • don't get burned out

    Avoid burning for more than 4 hours at a time to avoid wick mushrooming.

    You want to burn your candle for long enough - but not for too long, okay goldilocks? Keep burning times to around 4 hours maximum. If you burn it longer, the wick will get too big for the candle and make it burn faster.